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Turning Interest into Action

The Mission

Together, we can positively impact Burundi's future and leave no orphan destitute.

orphans of Burundi - Orphans Of Our Mother of Sorrows


The Orphans of Our Lady of Sorrows Foundation is a Catholic foundation guided by the light of the Holy Spirit. We offer love, nourishment, spiritual and physical support, education, and protection for Burundi’s most vulnerable and oppressed children, regardless of race, religion or creed. We hope to interrupt this cycle of poverty and allow the children to grow into adults who will positively impact Burundi’s future.


The short-term goal of our foundation is to raise the funds necessary to build an orphanage in Kabezi, Burundi that is able to house 40 children. The children will range in age from newborns to eighteen years old. From there, our foundation will continue to provide continued long-term support for these children. The long-term support will include education, safe shelter, food, and emotional/physical support. As a foundation, we have very high hopes in our mission. Although it is a lofty goal we hope to accomplish the impossible — that no orphan in Burundi will be left destitute.

OOOLOSF plans.jpg


Shown to the left are our architectural plans for the orphanage we hope to build. This orphanage will be able to house up to forty orphans and include the following amenities:


  • 10 bedrooms with 4 beds in each room 

  • 2 bathrooms with 5 shower stalls and 5 toilets

  • a kitchen

  • a large dining area 

  • a living room

  • 2 bedrooms for overnight staff

  • a staff bathroom 

  • an area for schoolwork

  • an office

  • a pantry for food and supplies storage 

  • a high fence to enclose the property 


If we raise enough funds, we hope to be able to purchase the surrounding land and build a playground for the children as well.

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