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The Children

The Focus of Our Efforts

Orphans of Our Lady of Sorrows Foundation strives to build an informed community that is empowered to make a difference in the lives of Burundi's orphans. We invite you to watch our video and learn more about the children our foundation serves below.

Sponsor a Child

Meet a few of the orphans our foundation is currently seeking to help physically and spiritually. 

Every month they will be provided with a home, food, medication, school fees, and any other related living costs. 

Change a child's life by becoming their sponsor! To sponsor a child, choose one below by noting their sponsorship number and clicking on "SPONSOR". Notate the child's number in the comment box on the donation form.  

Nishuyimana Maria, age 13

Sponsorship #0001

Nishuyimana's parents died when she was young. She lives in Kabezi with her grandmother. Her grandmother abuses her, trying to get her to leave. She usually doesn’t get any food to eat. She wishes she had food to eat, clothes to wear, and a loving home.

Shukulu Ansia, age 13

Sponsorship #0004

Both of Shukulu's parents died when she was young. She usually doesn’t eat all day and sleeps all day to numb the pain when she feels hungry. She wishes she had food to eat and a home to call her own.

Levis Niyukuri, age 11

Sponsorship #0007

As the oldest boy among his siblings, Levis would look for different ways to support his younger brothers after his mother died. He would go out and look for coals that people had dropped in the street and then try to resell them in order to get money for food for him and his siblings.

Iteyiteka Nadine, age 10

Sponsorship #0002

Iteyiteka's mother died when she was young. She eats one small meal a day, and her only wish is to eat two times a day, have clothes, and to go to school.

Ugiraneza Pascaline, age 12

Sponsorship #0005

Ugiraneza's mother died at a young age. Although her father is still alive she has no one taking care of her. She only gets to eat one small meal a day. She has no clothes to wear and is stuck wearing the same clothes day and night.

Kenny Niyokwizera, age 9

Sponsorship #0008

Kenny, along with his 2 brothers, Christian and Levis, lived with their grandmother before we took them in. His grandmother, who suffers from alcoholism, would not give them food or take them to school.

Sabikwigura Celeste, age 10

Sponsorship #0003

Sabikwigura has no living parents. He lives in Kabezi and hardly gets any food to eat. His only desire is to go to school, have a home and have food to eat.

Nishimwe Teddy, age 12

Sponsorship #0006

Nishimwe is from Kabezi. After losing both of his parents he was forced to live in a hole. Most days he goes without food. His only desire is for a home, food, and to go to school.

Christian Ndikumana, age 8

Sponsorship #0009

After Christian's mother died, he and his siblings were left in the care of his grandmother who neglected them. Christian and his siblings could go several days without food, and when we found him, he was unfortunately suffering from malnutrition.

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